Hakone Gardens

by Lisa Epp

Sorry I have been missing.

Have been fighting a nasty cold and have not had the energy for much other than laying on the couch.

Finally decided I could update a bit here while I was upright. 🙂

About a month ago, a girlfriend and I went to Hakone Gardens.

It was an overcast day, which actually was kinda nice.

The gardens were in full bloom with cherry tree blossoms.

I took an extraordinary amount of really bad images that day.  Hahaaa.

I think it was because I was just enjoying being with a friend, and enjoying the company. 🙂

Here are some images though that turned out well, and that I felt really represented how beautiful the gardens are.

We were headed to the bamboo garden but sadly it was closed that day. 😦

Lastly what is a japanese garden without some beautiful koi fish. 🙂

You all have a wonderful day! Thank you for visiting!